Line Marking

Highly Visible

Bold patterns and colors are ideal for high-visibility and safety-oriented installations.

Warehousing Solutions

Hard wearing, StreetBond coatings are used for ‘On Floor’ safety signage and to define safe walkways and work areas within warehouses. It can also highlight danger/caution areas to staff and visitors,  ensuring their safety 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Enhanced Safety for School Children

With it’s bright colours, and application that meets with  Main Road Standards, StreetBond School Zones have increased motorists awareness of specially marked ‘School Zone’ areas.  Motorists slow down to the required 40 km per hour, increasing the safety conditions for school children and their care givers.

Enhanced Safety for Cyclists

Colour improves bicycle lane visibility. Motorists tend to slow down and yield more frequently to cyclists, and cyclist use of the recommended bicycle lane is increased. This results in overall safer conditions.

$100,000‘s savings  in legal costs

Unlike pavers, Streetprint imprinted patterns do not move.  For councils, developers and landscape architects, this equates to real savings.  Once imprinted, the StreetPrint design is smooth to walk on, eliminating  trip hazards.