Epoxy Surfaces

Seamless Flooring

Waterproofing Floor Scabbling

Block sealing

Concrete Crack repair

Concrete diamond grinding

Joint sealing

Specialized coatings

Concrete cancer repairs

Fire pillows

Fire protective coatings

Captive Shot blasting

Grout pumping

Acid protection

Line Marking

Street Scapes

Stencil creting

Pebble Crete

Airport Visual Markings

Sport courts & coloured coatings

Fuel Resistant Pavement coatings

Asphalt Coloured Coatings

School Zone and Carparks

Bike Lanes

Temporary and Permanent road markings

Helipad Markings

General Maintenance to Floor coverings

Protective floor coatings

Anti – Graffiti coatings

Coating Removal

Pressure washing

Concrete coatings & sealants’

Guide posts

Reflective road markings

Signs & signage Installations

Town Entry Treatments

Anti – slip Coatings

Asphalt repairs

Carbon Fibre installation

Concrete Sealing

Protective Seal Coatings

Corrosion Repairs

Water Treatment Plants

Potable Water Tank linings

Concrete Remediation

Building Maintenance

Insitue Culvert and Bridge Repairs

Concrete Shot Patching

Heritage listed Building treatments and repairs

Diamond grinding

Polished Concrete